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Last update: August 24th, 2017

Clientes Casas Javer, S.A. de C.V.

Casas Javer, S.A. de C.V. (“Javer”), with address registered at 16 de septiembre #301, between Hidalgo and Corregidora streets, Colonia Centro, San Pedro Garza Garcia, N.L, Zip Code 66230, is responsible for the use, treatment and protection of the information , either general or personal, that collects from you, any person or any person whom would have access by any method to provide you with any type of service. If you do not oppose this handling of your data in the format within this Privacy Notice to enforce your rights ARCO, we will understand that you have given us your consent.

“Javer” could manage to get the following personal data:

  1. Data that identifies you:

    Complete name, date and place of birth, address, home telephone number, cellular telephone number, place of employment, number of children or dependents, children´s or dependent´s ages, gender, employment address, employment title, time of employment, e-mail, professional ID, driver´s license, marriage certificate, birth certificate, voting registration ID number, copy of your Passport, CURP, RFC, proof of address, marital regime, school grade level, family reference, personal reference and your signature.

  2. Data that identifies your spouse: complete name, date of birth, address, voting registration ID number, CURP, job title, time of employment, address where he/she works, work phone number.
  3. Data that identifies any co-signer: complete name, address where he/she works, date of birth, address where he/she works, job title, work phone number, time of employment.

    “Javer” could also have access to the following proprietary data.

Income from your current job, and the last one, NSS, income from your co-signer, paystub, pre-qualification from INFONAVIT or bank loan, NSS from spouse, payroll statement and salary from your spouse.

Purpose of the collection of data:

Buying and selling of properties

Generate a database to be able to follow up with interested parties.

Socio-economic and socio-demographic studies

Administrative processes such as returns, invoicing, buying records, application processes, collecting, clarifications, investigation.

Generate a data base to offer feedback to any interested party.

Bulletin board

Improvements in quality control, and carrying out subsequent processes regarding consultation, credits, title and deeds.

Marketing, publicity, and commercial prospection.

Implementation of better best practices in products and services.

Communicate directed promotions.

Invitations to special events.

Customer service, congratulation notices, welcome messages

Marketing, publicity, and commercial prospection

It would be fair to point out that all these purposes give origin and are necessary to the jurisdictional relationship between “Javer” and the title owner.

“Javer” could for its cited purposes, transfer its data to “people in charge”, in terms of its subject law, to third party Mexicans or foreigners in which it supports its operation, and to third parties within the realtor sector, construction, neighborhood management, including its subsidiaries, affiliates and comptroller.

As the owner of your data, you have the right to: (i)access your personal information and then get to know the details of them, (ii) rectification in case they are inexact or incomplete (iii)termination when you consider that they are not necessary for any of the finalities pointed out, being used or utilized for finalities without consent or that have finalized the contractual relation or service, (iv) Opposition of the treatment of the same for specified purposes (conjunctively, the “ARCO Rights)

In order to enforce your ARCO Rights, you should send an application, the same can be downloaded here, and be sent to derechosarco@ , attention Privacy Official.

We inform you that the exercise pertaining to the ARCO Rights will be free of charge, but if you reiterate your application in a period less than twelve month long, it would have a cost defined by law, unless there could exist substantial modifications to the Privacy Notice, that would motivate new ARCO applications. You will need to cover the justified parcel expenses or the cost for the reproduction of copies and other forms, and if that is the case, the cost of certification of the documents.

Processes to revoke the consent for the treatment of personal data.

It´s important that you know that you can revoke your consent for the handling of your data in the same way that you were given your consent. At the same time, if you solicit a confirmation of your “Javer” application through the Privacy Official, it would respond in a timely manner, finishing the jurisdictional relationship with “Javer”.

The response process will be the following:

The Privacy Official will respond to your ARCO application and the reasons of the decision via e-mail within a period of 20 business days being counted from the day that your ARCO application is received. In case the ARCO application´s response is affirmative or original, the solicited changes would be completed in a maximum of 15 business days. The Responsible would be able to notify you within the referred time periods within this paragraph the extension of the same, for only one time, for the same period as the original.

It is posible that “Javer” can deny the Access for you to enforce your ARCO Rights, in the supposed case that the law permits it, in that case it should inform you the reason for such decision. Such negative could be partial, in which case “Javer” will effectuate the access, rectification, cancelation, or opposition in the part that proceeds.

Well now, as an alternative to limit the reach of the treatment of your data, you could enlist in the Public Registry to prevent Publicity, dependency in charge of the Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor. For more information about this registry, you could consult the PROFECO web page, or you may contact them directly.

In our webpage, we use tracking technologies such as “cookies” and web beacons or web bugs (terms will be defined later on) through which is possible to monitor its views as an internet user, bring you a better service and user experience by navigating throughout our page, and also offer you through promotional banners new products and services based on your preferences. The personal information that we could obtain from these tracking technologies includes the following: navigation schedule, navigation times within our web page, consulted sections. At the same time, the “Javer” portal has links to other external sites, of which the content and privacy politics are not its responsibility. The personal data that is obtained through these technologies will be able to be shared with third party Mexicans or third-party foreigners in which “Javer” supports its operation, also its subsidiaries, affiliates and comptroller.

If you do not wish to utilize the tracking technologies you can disable following the steps which your browser establishes on the “Menu Bar, Help”

For more information, Cookie is a file data that is saved on the hard drive of your CPU or electronic communication device once the user searches the internet. This permits exchange information between the named website and the user´s navigator. This information could reveal identification regarding the session, auto-identification, or user´s preferences, just as any other stored piece of information by the navigator regarding such website.

For more information, web beacon is a visible image or occult in a website or in an email, utilized to monitor the behavior of its users by the mentioned ways.

Changes in the Privacy Notice

The mentioned privacy notice could go through any changes or actualizations derived from new legal requirements; for the needs of “Javer” or for changes in its business model, meanwhile while it could go any modification, a notice will be provided to you by means of this publication of the “Javer” website , for the same reason that we recommend revising the same with frequency.

As part of “Javer” concern for its good use of its pieces of information, in the posible event that a security concern can occur, for any stage of the treatment of personal data, that would affect in a significant form its patrimonial rights or moral rights, the Privacy Official will communicate immediately on the “Javer” website reporting the alleged problem of security so that you can take the necessary steps regarding the defense of your rights.

Protection Mechanisms

At “Javer” we count with internal controls that deal with the internal control of the information, including tools to encrypt and identify information that maintains its personal information safe. Your personal information is processed through a system of safe and secure networks and only can be accessed by a few and limited number of persons with special rights, to which it is demanded that they maintain such information in a confidential manner.

If you consider that your right to privacy of your personal information has been injured for any conduct of omission on our part, we suggest visiting the official page IF THE TITULAR PERSON DOES NOT AGREE WITH THE TREATMENT UNDER THIS PRIVACY NOTICE HE SHOULD MANIFEST IT THROUGH THE MECHANISMS HERE THEREIN AND IN THE CASE OF THE JAVER WEBPAGE, ABSTAIN FROM ITS USE

All Rights Reserved. © Casas Javer, S.A. de C.V., 16 de septiembre #301, entre Hidalgo y Corregidora, Colonia Centro, San Pedro Garza Garcia, N.L, C.P. 66230 (2017 Edition).